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Where You Can Help

  • Spread the word
  • Donate to our charitable organization (501(c)3)
  • Provide venues/opportunities to teach
  • Provide opportunities to produce custom product


Phone: 1-312-324-4576

Tool Donation Service

Do you have tools that you no longer need?

Have tools that you just really don't know what they're for or if they're worth keeping?

Don't throw them away. Clean up that clutter and send us a picture of the tool with your contact information via the email above. We'd be happy to have a conversation. 

We offer a tool donation service for all those items that you just don't need anymore. We'll either:

  • clean them up and use them in the shop,
  • donate them to individuals who could use them, or
  • find another charity service that could make use of them.

Make your donation matter and help those who could use the help.